Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stormwind, Level 14

Dear Mr. Alexston,

I have long admired your city since I arrived here yesterday. I love the many bridges and the convenient prison complex in the center of town. Very handy!

During a long day of drinking, a fellow bar patron suggested I write you with my question. Where are the bathrooms? A city this size should certainly have a lavatory or two. Maybe one with a place to hang your axe? I like reading materials. Will you have those? (gentleman’s magazines, graphic novels, Jumble, etc.)

I considered that perhaps the canals were intended for this purpose, but I’ve heard there are crocolisks in them and don’t want to risk an attack. Also, a young boy has needed to pee for what seems like days now. If only for the children, please provide adequate facilities.

In Ironforge, I’ve seen others relieve themselves in the Great Forge. (“Use the forge!”) Very sanitary, but you have to be careful. The forge you have here is not suitable. Stormwind needs bathrooms!

I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.
R. Pebblebottom

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