Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Farstrider Lodge, Level 19

Dear Daryl the Youngling,

Thanks for the great shirt! When you challenged me to kill boars, you said, “This is no Coldridge Valley boar hunt.” You were sure right about that! There was a lot more ore for me to mine while hunting. I returned with four tin ore, ten copper ore, a course stone and ten rough stones, and I still had five minutes to spare. I love the shirt. How should I treat the armpit stains?

I sense a little tension between you and Vyrin? I bet you two were pretty hot and heavy at one time. Are you a player? The ladies dig scars, and you have a beaut. (I have one on my left buttock from sitting on a rock too quickly.)

You were right about the bear head I brought you. It was a little unsanitary. I got blood inside one of my favorite brownish bags. I gave the head to Vyrin, so I’m sure she’ll dispose of it properly. I doubt she’ll stuff it and hang it up in the lodge or anything.

Thanks again for the shirt (funny smell) and the tip on the hunting and mining spot.

R. Pebblebottom

P.S. Ol' Sooty went down like a sack of bananas.

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