Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lakeshire, Level 21

Dear Yorud Barleybrew,

Dubble you tea heff was in that drink you gave me? It’s been a whijle ad I’m still spinning form it. Whn I went to fight those overgrown kobolds or whatever the hwck they were, I nearly got my pebblebottom handed to me! I was swinging with both swords and tey kept calling over theor buddies to help out. I had to run like a littile gnome half the way back to th einn to regroup.i could barelyt walk uprighte let alone swing a coupla blades. I busted out smite’S Mighty hammer and took care of em, but sheesh what a hairyt mess! how can I get more fo that drink? I think my sisater would enjoy some. HEr name is Honeyrump sdn she mostly hangs out in dun Morogh but I bet she could use a stoff drink one in a while. She’s a lovely girl, but mailboix dancing can ber tiring. Have you ever seen yorself from behind? I swear I was watching myself struggle with those giant hog people or whatever they were. It’as like I was just looking at them open up a keg of whopass on me! Do you know where the bathroom s? I know Stormwind doesn’t have any, so I’m not fying al the way there. Do the lakeshire guards frown on usin g the lake? This brew is making me feel a little quezay to. I’m fine It’ll pass I’m sure. Im fine.Thanks you for the gauntlet run arrand thing. . Kind of a good time but very queasy still. WHEere did I leave muy hearthstone?.

R. Pebb;ebotom

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