Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stormwind, Level 38

Dear Angus Stern,

Thank you for the many, many thanks! I was happy to help you out, and it sounds like you’ll be able to pull off your banquet after all. Chilled Basilisk in Lime Vinaigrette sounds pretty fancy. I’ve been eating a lot of soft banana bread lately, and I’m looking for something new to nosh on. (the bread sits in my bag and is only moderately soft by the time I eat it. partially firm.)

You seem to know what you’re doing, and I’d love to trade recipes with you. I have one that your noble might appreciate—a low-calorie honey mustard dipping sauce used for croc fingers. Will you be serving fingers of any sort at the party? (croc, chicken, ogre, etc.) I always say, “it’s not a party until you bring out the fingers!”

If you don’t mind my asking, who is the noble? I’d like to personally wish him or her a happy birthday. (Maybe speak with them about the bathroom situation here in Stormwind.) I could bring a dish or two and join in the fun. I assume there will be the usual prancing, and I know a party game or two. (I assure you, the Brewfest incident is almost always exaggerated.) Of course, I would have Plops, Azeroth’s Slowest Bunny accompany me. He could entertain the royalty with small hops and tasteful scratching. (some nibbling. delightful!)

Will the celebration be at The Blue Recluse? Kind of odd to name the place after a depressed loner and then throw a stylish reception there. Unless you mean the recluse himself is the color blue. Then you’d have the entertainment covered, and probably don’t need Plops to come after all. I’d like to meet the recluse as well! (may just be holding breath for long stretches. Is that part of the act?)

I’m a little surprised your tavern didn’t book Plops on his last tour. We hit up all the usual lounges and really wowed them! (negligible nudity) Perhaps you’d like to book in advance for the upcoming summer tour, “The Plop It Like It’s Hot Eastern Kingdoms Tour”. (Let’s get ploppin’!) Please contact me to request a demo reel.

Bon Appétit!
R. Pebblebottom


  1. "The Plop It like It's Hot Eastern Kingdoms Tour" made me laugh out loud. (And when I write it out, it really happened!) :D

  2. Dear Anea,

    I'm sure Plops and I will be at a tavern near you! We're still ironing out dates and venues, and are practicing tirelessly near mailboxes for the time being. (heartwarming choreography and minor pyrotechnics) Tips welcome!

    Of course, I'll be selling my usual selection of pants at each show, but I'm anticipating a lot of response to the tour shirts. (maybe "Plop it like it's hot" oven mitts?)

    I always appreciate your comments. See you on the tour!

    R. Pebblebottom

    P.S. Love your new header!

  3. Dear Pebblebottom,

    A few days ago, Anea wrote to me about the "Plop It Like It's Hot Eastern Kingdoms Tour", and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. The name made me smile, and you should know that for a Tauren to smile, it takes quite some effort. Do not fear though, I don't see myself Alliance-hostile like the rest, but I can understand that the others watching might be a bit scared of me. I mostly slay monsters, not members of the Alliance and certainly not bunnies.

    Give Plops a hug from me!

    Your newest fan,


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