Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Refuge Point, Level 37

Dear Skuerto,

Seems like there’s a real ogre problem in these parts. (pretty fragrant) Have you considered developing some sort of ogre trap? They seem a little dopey, and I bet they’d fall for the old wild-hog-shank-under-a-box trick. Or you could probably fool them with an ogre costume. I know a tailor that might be able to make you one. I have a backwards yeti costume that works just great! (some yowling involved)

I just wrapped up all the ogre chores you asked me to do. I got the wand, snagged a gem, and then got it enchanted. I headed to the tower to get your loot, and when I used the pedestal to call for defenses, a ton of ogres came out of the woodwork! (pretty big ones, so may have actually been a ton of them. didn’t ask their weight, just a guesstimate.)

I was using every maneuver I had just to stay on my feet. The little water fellows that also appeared didn’t even distract them, just watched as I frantically swung my new axe about. (may have been protecting Plops. not sure.) Many, many ogres. So many ogres.

Seemed like after every item I collected for you, there were more ogres! (They came from… behind!) Seriously, look into a trap of some sort.

I was so beaten up when I reached the top of the tower, I was out of healing potions and had to bandage up. Do you have any idea where the cloth for those bandages came from?! Ogre loins!! I’ll probably get an infection from applying ogre sweat to my wounds. (cuts and scrapes, bruising, and other slight boo-boos, some minor armor scratches. no rashes yet.)

I must admit, the silk loincloths they wear are a novel idea. I may have to consider including them in my summer collection. “Why let ogres have all the fun!”

Anyhow, thanks for the adventure. I’ll let you know when the swelling goes down.

R. Pebblebottom

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