Monday, March 8, 2010

Southshore, Level 33

Dear Bartolo Ginsetti,

Thank you for making me that cloak. I’ve worn many cloaks, capes and panchos in my day, and although I’ve only named two (Mr. Giddywinkle & Neil) I do not agree that this one is the finest. (Pretty nice though.)

The stitching is a little coarse and it clashes horribly with my pants. (snug in the back and itchy.) (cloak, not pants.) I suspect that this piece is actually from last season’s collection and you tried to pawn it off on me as new. (warrior cloaks are mid-short to half-long this season) Do I look like I have the fashion sense of a gnome? I had that haircut fixed!

The up side is that I do enjoy looking like a yeti from behind. I imagine giving the gals in the auction house a fright by walking in backwards, roaring at the top of my lungs. (Maybe a little yowling.)

Instead of standing around in Southshore, a man of your taste might do better in a bigger market. Half the shops in Stormwind are tailors, so you should travel there to keep in touch with today’s fashions. Do not actually touch the fashions though, they don’t like me doing that. (mildly dirty hands) You could open a boutique in the canal district called The Practical Cloak. And your tagline could be “It’s no joke!” I’ve done a fair share of market research (swapping barrels, steak fingers, etc) and that name will really hit home with the cloak bloke demographic. Imagine a faux fur product line called “Not Yeti”! Maybe with pants.

Don’t forget, in fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out. Now make it work!

Auf Wiedersehen,
R. Pebblebottom


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Not only is a wonderful idea for a World of Warcraft blog in itself, but it is beautifully executed. I am so thankful that I am in your guild =)

    I just ran into Bartolo Ginsetti for the first time two days ago - such obvious exaggerations and claims to one-of-a-kindness always make me suspicious. I simply told him thanks for his offer and maybe I would see if I could collect the materials, but I really had no intention of putting in the effort.

    Obviously by your account he was selling the sizzle more than the steak, though I suppose it's really up to the buyer how much use he gets out of an item. Even if you never walk into the auction house backwards while roaring, the thought of you doing that alone gave me quite a good laugh!

  2. I mean, really - The Practical Cloak: It's No Joke! - That is genius =)


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