Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wetlands, Level 24

Dear James Halloran,

I’m working on your task, and I have to ask… Where are all the giant crocolisks and how the heck did your apprentice get attacked?

I’ve been running around the north coastline for what seems like an hour, and I’ve only seen two! There’s also a warlock and a hunter running about, but I can’t believe they’ve killed every last one of them. Maybe your apprentice angered the crocs by poaching their young. I imagine a side business selling baby crocs as pets could be quite lucrative. I prefer a loyal, furry companion, but some people enjoy the danger of a pet that may someday rip your face off. (murlocs!)

I bet your apprentice had Westfall chicken meat in his pockets or something, because nothing I do attracts them. I’ve tried taunting them with a little dance and some mild name-calling, but the only things I’ve run into are fen creepers. (a lot!) They sneak up on you and attack from nowhere!

Do giant crocolisks like bunnies? I have one I could use to lure them out, but am not sure if it’s much of a meal, so they may not bother with it.

I’ll guess I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ll bring bacon!

R. Pebblebottom

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  1. Dear R. Pebblebottom,

    Hello, how are you? I was pleased to receive your letter regarding hits to your site - it put a smile on my face.

    I am glad that you were able to get back to adventuring - I am sure that Plops was happy for a change of pace as well, even if you may potentially use him as bait.

    I hope that the bacon will lure those crocs out. If not, try blackberry jam. (You never know.)

    Cleverly yours,


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